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2021 Illinois Criminal Offense Guide

Thank You for becoming a subscriber to the 2020 Illinois Criminal Offense Guide or ICOG. This product requires Adobe Reader to work. If you don’t have the newest version we recommend that you follow the link at the bottom or top of the page. The ICOG subscription will run until the 2021 release is made in January of 2021. This version will still be available for a short period of time into 2021.

This Guide is divided into 3 Sections and each Section is divided into Parts. There are a total of 24 Parts and they are labeled A-Z.

Each Section and Part will be a click-able link to that Section or Part.

Section 1 – 2021 Illinois Criminal Charging Guide

Section 2 – 2021 Illinois Sentencing Guide

Section 3 – 2021 Illinois Offense Digest

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