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About Us 

This sit e was created in 2002 by Donald L. Hays. His vision was to have a web-site that would allow members of the Legal System to communicate with each other. At first, all that was included on this site was a message board and a few publications. In 2004, the State of Illinois was going through a budget crunch and several publications that Don produced and mailed out were discontinued. This opened the door for more publications to be posted on the site. Each year this site has continued to grow. At the end of 2007, we had 1500 registered subscribers and over 1 million posts.

Don has 28 years experience as a Lawyer and Trainer with the State of Illinois. Don has taught and continues to teach at most of the MTU’s in the State. In 2008, Don retired from the State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutors Office. Don held the title of Senior Staff Counsel. In his retirement he is devoting most of his time to this site and continues to teach Police Officers and State’s Attorneys throughout the State of Illinois.

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Email: don@ipsllconline.com

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