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Illinois Criminal Offense Guide

The Illinois Criminal Offense Guide or ICOG was created to serve as a tool for the Illinois Police Officers and Prosecutors to assist them in the performance of their law enforcement duties. We have tried to make the information found in this Guide concise and easily accessible. 

The ICOG is divided into 3 parts and comes in 3 formats. The ICOG is being produced in 3-ring Binder, CD, and this on-line version. The ICOG is divide into the following parts:

The Illinois Criminal Offense Guide is divided into 3 Sections.

1. Illinois Criminal Charging Guide

2. Illinois Sentencing Guide

3. Illinois Offense Digest

ICOG will be updated each January for the new or changed offenses that have occurred. This on-line version will be updated in January, the book and CD versions will have updates ready to ship in January of each year. The fees for the online version will be for the specific year only.

Above you will find several examples of all 3 Sections. Feel free to check them out and call or e-mail us with any questions.